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[QUOTE=Roy S;71511629]That's a flawed way to slice it, though, because you are comparing Franzen's two seasons when he was 26 and 27 to Abdelkader when he hasn't had his age 26 and 27 seasons yet. If you compare Franzen's first season at 26 to Abdelkader's season in 10-11 or 11-12, then the fit becomes more clear. Prior to exploding on the scene, Franzen was a 3rd and 4th line grinder his first season at a pretty advanced age before unexpectedly taking off offensively.

I'm not saying Abdelkader will do what Franzen did. But, you asked for an example and Franzen didn't begin to find a clear offensive touch until he was 27 or 28 so he is one example; although maybe not as good as the Burrows one.

[QUOTE]I really don't see the Burrows comparison either.

I have absolutely no idea why not because he had far worse offensive numbers than Abdelkader has had at that time of his career. He had 9 total points in his age 25 season in 81 games as a 3rd/4th line grinder and then was elevated to top 6 roles right after that season and slowly morphed into a 25+ goal scorer playing with the Sedin's. You asked for an example of a 4th line grinder who started to find offense at age 26. If he's not seen as a useful example then I don't know what to say.
You can spin it however you want.

60 points in 257 games. His best offensive season in his entire career was in high school.

Franzen routinely puts up #'s in a single season that are almost more than Gator's entire career.

Franzen has an amazing shot. Quick and accurate release.

Gator does not.

Franzen earned his ice time early on in his career.

Gator has not.

One is a 4th line grinder.

The other is a top six winger.

This isn't even debatable. There is zero evidence to suggest Gator is half as offensively gifted as Franzen.

Henkaa is right, Homer is the best player to compare Gator to and Homer was 10x the player Gator ever will be.

Wings are attempting to keep a system in place but using inferior players to keep the system going. Eventually the system falls apart when you have too many inferior players running the system.

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