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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
All he was good for is being a 'steady' defensive presence: crushing bodies along the boards, and then passing the puck to Markov who took care of the rest.

His one glorious moment of his whole career was intercepting McCabe's pass to Kaberle and score on a breakaway. Otherwise a black hole offensively and a deer in headlights with the puck, absolutely no support on the rush, and kept coughing it up at the blue line in enemy territory.

When his one redeeming skill got taken away from him (indimidation) he got exposed for the bad hockey player he really is.

Tinordi is a far cry from Komisarek even at this age. He's involved offensively and taking care of buisness in his own end effectively, much more than Komisarek's one dimesion (hitting) could bring on the back-end, combining speed, defensive awareness, and a monster reach.
Komisarek was a monster at one point. I find it unfair to say Tinordi is already better.

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