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Originally Posted by pepperMonkey View Post
umm...unless I'm mistaken and I have no idea what I'm talking about (which unfortunately could be very true...), Ryder is the type of player that needs someone that can get him the puck at the right time and place else he himself is rather a dead weight. While Ribs (and his ilk) is the type of player that needs to send the puck to the right player at the right time to produce. Meaning, one passes for the assist, the other scores. One without the other is fairly useless. I'm talking about the type of player they are.

Also saying Ribs on his career season was only riding Ryders coat tails is rather extreme unless you believe Ryder was the one who took the puck from his zone into the offensive zone and score by himself without any help from others.

The proof is next year's results. Ribeiro's point production fell when Ryder moved up to play with Koivu. Explaination: Ribeiro could no longer capitalize on Ryder's goal scoring. Ribeiro is not good enough to build a line around. Kovelev is, soooo..... goodbye.

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