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09-24-2013, 08:41 PM
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I'm going to try and catch a Brampton Beast game next month to see what it's like and I'll report back if I do. I was shocked to see brampton get a team because it makes no sense.

Without a doubt Jr hockey is more popular than anything below the NHL. The general opinion on minor league teams in the area is that ppl would rather watch juniors because there is a chance they'll make the NHL vs. minors where it's unlikely.

The city's population is now almost 50 percent immigrants, which I do not bring up for ethnic reasons but rather that hockey itself is a sport that would be new let alone Low level pro hockey. As well as finances are often tighter for new Canadians.
The arena is in a horrible location which in part of the reason the Battalion struggled to draw. Finally, I doubt most Bramptonians could find half the opponents cities on a map. One more pot shot... Have you seen their website? It entry level HTML.

Bramptons best shot at AA level hockey would've been in the ECHL as a Leafs-Marlies affiliate.

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