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09-24-2013, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post
You make a good argument and I know you're not hating on him. My point is that because you never know where a prospect will be, the fact that he's stocking our cupboards with solid picks is worth giving him credit.

I do have to concede that though he's gone out of his way to restaff our player development, we do have to wait to be sure it will pay off. On the other hand, im glad he's brought in non ex-habs for the most part, and I'm very glad that we're using the team's wealth to have a large staff with very specific positions (for example Breezer in charge of mentoring guys on how to be a pro, which is perfect for him).

I appreciate your cautious optimism and your even keel. I think there are times where I need to bring my expectations down and be realistic. But despite the point you make about us waiting and seeing: for all we can evaluate right now, MB has done a good job with the youth. Now that doesn't mean every prospect is going to blossom or even make the NHL, but the abundance of quality prospects and the fact that he's epsecially focussed on ensuring our best players are homegrown seems logical, efficient, and promising. It's a strategy that keeps us competitive and is less demanding on touted prospects who often need more time before making the jump. That's where my trust comes from. But as I said, I think you make an important argument to remember.
But that's why I said the good prospects are from previous administration.
You just can't say the picks that MB has made are solid yet. You can choose to be optimistic, but essentially we really have no idea what big Mac, Colberg, Hudon, Thrower, Andrighetto, Fucale, are all going to turn out.
I like the picks he's made, but I can't give him credit for something that's unknown.

Tinordi, Bournival, Beaulieu at least have had one season in the AHL under the Bergevin administration. But you have to recognize that the previous organization also deserves merit in developing them as they've been under them for much longer.
The prospects that are under this current admin are too far away to really judge. I'm certainly pleased with them thus far, but still, you can't give a definitive props to MB for them.

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