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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
At 5'8 you're probably best off with a 75 flex at most. I use intermediate 65 flex at 5'7. Unless you keep the stick really long.

I'm not opposed to trying an Easton OPS next time around, just don't want to pay through the nose for one.
Always notice you commenting on flex. This is a preference thing and I wish people would preface recommendations more with "I prefer". There are plenty of quality NHLer's who use extremely stiff flexes who are around my size and height. Crosby, for an example, uses a 110 flex. I've been using 100 flex sticks (5'10 210 lbs) and I'd wager my shot is better than 9/10th's of the people I play with. I currently am using an 87 flex and I can feel a real difference with receiving passes and stick handling where the stick feels flimsy to me.

I find that sometimes quick release shooters prefer that stiffer flex which is a big part of my game.

Not to get on you by any means, but any and all stick advice is really up to the user. There is plenty of huge NHL players who use whippy sticks and some smaller players who use a stiffer flex.

EDIT: Looking at your post again you do suggest it more as a recommendation. More or less, I just want to put it out there that many people can be successful in many different ways. It's really up to the user to try and see what works for their game, not rely on an outside opinion.

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