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11-23-2006, 06:45 PM
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Instigator Rule

Just saw this on tsn

From what I saw of highlights, Vishnevski went after a Washington player and so Brashear went after Vishnevski, something along those lines, don't take my word for it.

I'm going to go on a Don Cherry rant here, so please forgive me. I think this instigator rule is garbage. This new NHL was supposed to open the game up more and make it more exciting for fans, and as a fan I like the occasional fight. They make it seem like in the old NHL there were fights every 5 seconds, which is not even close to the truth. Rivalries were also more heated when fighting was "allowed".

People are more reluctant to stick up for their superstars, which is pathetic. As a Habs fan, I've seen it with Kovalev. Players were going after his legs and everyone knew it, but nothing was done about it because you would get an extra 2 minutes and possibly cost a goal; the Edmonton game was a good example of how no one cared about the damn penalty and the game was one of the most exciting this season. As a fan I want to see my star players play their whole careers and not have to be forced to retire early. We've seen it time and time again with Crosby having to stick up for himself because people are taking shot at him. I wouldn't want to see a player of this calibre have to hang up the skates at 30.

Some make the argument that fighting is assault and if it's not tolerated outside of hockey, why should it be tolerated within? Well people can easily skate away from a fight in hockey and the fight doesn't take place, other than that it's pretty much consensual. Not only that, but by the logic of fighting being illegal, then what do these people think about a slashing penalty? Last time I checked thats assault with a weapon, but they don't cry about that.

All in all I hope some people understand where I am coming from. This new NHL was supposed to be more open and without the instigator rule I believe it would be. It would also guarantee me as a fan that something is being done about protecting my favourite player. That is all.

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