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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Th Oilers were going into the season with:


The bottom 2 centres were guaranteed to have less than 70 games of NHL experience between them. Essentially those 3 players for the bottom 2 spots could be at best called NHL/AHL tweeners and realistically you would really want only 1 of them called up due to injuries during the season.

To go into the season with that type of centre depth wasn't really logical or prudent as you had to know (or should have known) that one more injury at the centre position basically gutters the start of the season.... which has now happened.

Last season they had essentially the exact same situation happen when they lost several key centres at once so it's not as if it wasn't burnt into their memories from just a few months ago.

That's why so many fans are saying MacT didn't take the lack of centre depth in the org seriously.

They dumped Horcoff, Smithson and Belanger and picked up Gordon.

Arguably Horcoff for Gordon was a wash... most would say Gordon is better... a few might even give an edge to Horc... but whatever... it was a centre in and a centre out so a reasonable move by MacT.

Smithson and Belanger (and VandeVelde if you want to stretch the case) were replaced by? No one really... not with any real NHL experience anyway.

Acton, Arcobello and Lander are basically it at C unless you really want to dredge deep and start talking about guys like Martindale (AHLer at best) or putting Smyth at centre yet again (couldn't imagine that would get a better result this year than last).

So basically they planned on 2 centres with little to no NHL experience and had NO plan for injuries that could occur.

Hence the Hall to centre plan... now I guess it's the Eberle to C plan as well... maybe it will be Belov to C plan next.

I don't think it's lemming-like to see that the Oilers had awful depth at C BEFORE this injury to Gagner... now it's abysmal.

Let's hope there is a decent C on waivers that MacT can snag to help salvage the situation. Just our luck there will be another dman or winger that catches his eye instead.
Well Gordon > Horcoff first off

Acton > Belanger (sure Acton doesn't have any NHL experience, but he can't be worse than Belanger)

No one < Smithson... but if you're all upset about that, we could always go resign Smithson

Sure we'd all have loved to grab another C in free agency... but who was out there? Grabovski? Well he wanted to be a top 6 forward so he wouldn't have came here, and where'd the cap space come from to sign him? There really weren't many other options out there, so can't get too upset with MacT.

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