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11-23-2006, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Strong and Free View Post
Not sure who I would compare either to. Lapierre is a coaches dream, he works hard from start to finish and never seems to give up on a play whether it be in our end, their end, or the neutral zone. He is a treat to watch. I am not sure if he will put up big points or not, but he will definitely lead by example and make everyone he plays with better.

O'Byrne in my opinion has a very high ceiling, and not just because he is tall and would bump his head otherwise. His improvement from the rookie tourny in September, to the 2 games I have watched him in recently, has been amazing. In the rookie tourny he looked huge but didn't necessarily play his position well and looked to need some work on skating. Although in last nights game he was caught out of position a few times, and did look a little mythotical, it was obvious to me the kid is starting to get it. He worked hard and his skating has vastly improved. I will not be surprised to see him in the rouge, bleu, et blanc next season.
Sounds like Lapierre could end up being a grittier version of Mike Johnson (which would be awesome...can't have enough of those "team first, all heart" players).

O'Byrne...sounds like he'll one day be (at worst, I hope!) a solid #5-6 DEFENSIVE defenceman one day...& if he continues improving then maybe a solid #3-4...
I'm hoping for a bigger version of Rivet...
So, great news about O'Byrne (good stuff). I've seen Lapierre play for Bulldogs, but I haven't seen O'Byrne play yet, so thanks for the info. Or, the one time I've seen the Bulldogs play this season I paid more attention to Chipchura, Lapierre and Kostitsyn!! Next time I have a chance I'll also focus on the Big O'Byrne!

Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Lapierre may be a faster-bigger version of a Steve Begin, maybe? I don't see any real scoring touch coming there for him, no matter what his totals might suggest in the AHL so far this year, but he keeps moving. The only quasi-knock on him that I've seen is his propensity for taking unnecessary penalties. It's only a "quasi-knock" because a chippy/yappy guy like that, he'll take a few just playing his game his way trying to get under the opponents' skin. But at the NHL level, he'll have to be a bit more careful about choosing his spots sometimes IMO. Perhaps he's already doing better in that regard this season anyway (I've only seen 2 Bulldogs games thus far).
If he reaches where Komisarek is right now, I'll be really happy. That'd be great! It's hard to project, though. Hopefully Komisarek is a moving target himself. Watching either of them in college would make you think there's some offensive upside to them. I'm less sure that there's too much more coming from Komisarek in that regard now, however. So even though I liked the tantalizing glimpses of puck-carrying and shooting from O'Byrne last year in particular with the Cornell games I saw on CSTV, I'm not going to necessarily hold my breath that it ever comes in the NHL. If he can eventually be what Komisarek is now (rock, #3/4 guy, no real offensive impact), then I'll take that and run. Anything else would be pure bonus IMHO.
Thanks for info.
It sounds like Lapierre will have a long, solid career.
I hope for the same with O'Byrne.

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