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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
On reflection after a good nights sleep:

The first period was awful, but we were the better team for two and three, even with the refs ignoring 3-4 pretty obvious interference penalties. I would not have been unhappy with the last 40 mins during regular season... especially against the Devils.

1st line: Looked fine, some good passing, the three of them obviously have chemistry and G looked fit and healthy, Voracek looked good until injured, Hartnell getting into good positions and grinding on the boards... Hartnell also had a damn nice screen on the Kimmo goal.

2nd line: Disappointing. All three showed glimpses of what they can do, Vinny looked good at times and made some very nice plays, Raffl grinded well and showed he can get in good positions, Schenn looked frustrated at times with the Devils system. Overall they looked a bit disjointed though, and disappeared for periods of time.

3rd line: Beastly. Read and Couts had chemistry, Couts looks better than ever, and more competent on the dot, the line is going to be hell to play against in both zones, is probably one of the best 3rd lines in the league, and maybe one of the best defensive lines in the league too. Only problem is I know Talbot will frustrate me over the year fluffing chances and disjointing play between Read and Couts, he is a fine player, and a good third liner, but frankly Couts and Read are a cut above and think faster.

4th line: Laughton looked good, battled well and made his linemates look better. Rosehill was Rosehill, what else can you say, Hall looked as advertised last year.


These three looked like they could start the season tomorrow and be fine:

Kimmo was Kimmo.
Coburn was Coburn, showed some physicality though and at one point on a pinch angry Coburn came to play for 20 seconds, I think he will be fine this year.
Grossmann was Grossmann, the man is as strong as an Ox and mean, as we all know, and he can play positionally soundly and defend well.

Streit was so-so, did show his puck handling and passing ability, but got bullied once or twice and made a few bone headed plays.

Gus blew for 35 minutes, but then looked like Gus at the WC's and last season, still not great though.

Mez looked done. Sad. I like the guy so much, but he has seemingly lost some more maneuverability, which was once his strong point, and he was playing 1 second behind the play half the time. He just looked out of his depth. I hope I am wrong and he was just rusty.

Emery looked ok, did not feel worried at all on long shot, angled shots, point shots. His stickhandling is still good, his rebound control gets the pucks to corners, positionally very sound. However, at times he looked slow across the crease and got undressed twice on the goals, though the D really did not help.
Agree 100%, real nice breakdown.

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