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09-25-2013, 09:48 AM
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HF Oiler Rumble important rule changes, based on discussions with those who gave me input:

- 11 keepers this year, to be increased by one each year until changes are needed/requested. You MUST go set your keepers by this Friday or I will choose them for you myself based on rankings.

- One utility and one bench spot will be added to the rosters

- We are now a 10 team league. Players from the two abandoned teams have enough talent that it works to just add them to the pool of available players and do a standard snaking draft. I'm going to manually determine draft order by picking out of a hat, with a lottery system based on the past TWO years' finishes. All 10 managers remained active so there will be no tanking punishment. A friend is one of our managers and he will witness the draw. The weighting will be as such, for each year.

10th-8th place = 4 entries
7th-6th = 3 entries
5th-4th = 2 entries
3rd-1st = 1 entry

Future year's drafts will have a similar weighting system to determine draft order, if they remain snaking drafts, but tanking will be monitored and you will not be given priority if this happens so stay active! I will likely balance it out a bit more in future years, going 1/2/3 instead of 1/2/3/4.

- We will be doing continuous daily waivers this year, meaning that players will literally always be on waivers and claims will be processed each night. It will work the same as last year in that, if you want to start a player you must put in a claim for them the day before, only this year every manager gets a fair shot to put in a claim at some point that night.

I'm also putting in a FAAB (free agent acquisition budget) of $200. If you're unfamiliar with it, read here ( but basically, you can choose to bid an amount of your budget on any waiver claim. If there are multiple claims on that player, the highest bid wins the player. Losing bids are not deducted from your total and you can bid $0 if you want. I haven't received any feedback on this other than one manager that was iffy on it so if you have any input on this or any of the other issues, please contact me but do it soon as we're getting close to go time.

- I've enabled draft pick trades this year but note that you can't trade any pick in rounds 1-12 as those will be keepers. Round 13 will technically be 'round 1'.

- Finally, there are two polls on the league message board I need you to go vote on, both regarding rule changes for next year. One is if you would be interested in a pay league and, if so, how much; the other is if you'd like to do an auction draft next year.

See you at the draft Sunday at 9PM!

EDIT: T-Hallday, former email itzthebgb at yahoo - I need you to update your league email address.

EDIT 2: The pay league idea is dead; there are two votes against it. Sorry guys! I would be happy to commish another league that starts out as a $50 pay league. We can discuss that in our league this year.

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