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09-25-2013, 09:54 AM
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You write way too many articles. Seems like you're so eager to get content out that you are just writing for the sake of writing. I don't even want to know how many things you write when the season starts.

Instead of actually making predictions based off of trends, player progressions and other factors, this article looks like you went down the roster and said "hmm, what would be a bold prediction I can make about this guy?". Because you didn't really put much thought into each one, you contradict yourself multiple times.

-You say Laughton makes the team and then later you say Talbot is traded to make room for Laughton.
-You say Schenn will play a bottom 6 roll and Hartnell will lose his spot to Lecavalier on the first line, then who the hell is going to center the second line since you say Couturier gels on the third line?
-You say Read will take Simmonds spot on the second line but also say Simmonds scores 60 points? How would he lose his spot. And you say Hartnell struggles and Schenn is relegated to a bottom 6 roll, why wouldnt he take one of their spots over simmonds who has a great season?
- You then go on to say that Read, Couts, and Akeson will be a good third line. If you say Schenn and Simmonds are bumped to a bottom 6 roll, does that mean they both play on the 4th line?
- Voracek scores a PPG and is top 10 in goals but doesnt make the allstar team (which doesnt exist this year)?
-You say the Flyers will have injury problems, Mason is bad, they are bottom 5 PK, bottom 5 in 5v5, yet they make the playoffs?

I think you would have been better off giving a list of 10 bold predictions and giving a reason why you think they might happen instead of 40 where you had to randomly throw in a bunch of bad jokes (hartnelldowns, coatesys hot dogs, and Rosanne Barr, movember, Emery with more than 1 loss, etc) just to reach some arbitrary number.

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