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09-25-2013, 10:34 AM
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Ball hockey/Street Hockey/Ice Hockey. Advice/Opinions wanted.

I've been noticing a concerning trend recently. I've been getting beat in three places on a regular basis lately, and I'm not quite sure how to rectify the problem.

I'm not big goalie, about 5'9-5'10.

#1. Over the shoulder(Left ear shot). This is a problem in tight when I'm in my butterfly. I've tried experimenting with holding my glove up higher but it feels unnatural and just plain uncomfortable.

Similar to this, except I have my glove a wee bit higher probably.

#2. The dreaded 5-hole. I typically play a hybrid style and try to stay on my feet as long as possible. My stick has a tendency to come up off the ice/floor/road when I butterfly initially. I've tried experimenting with various stick positions with little success.

#3. Low blocker. This is ahuge problem on shots in the middle of the slot, Pretty much, if you can get it few inches above my right pad, there's a pretty high probability of scoring. Butterfly, stand-up , it doesn't matter, I haven't found anything remotely effective.

Any thoughts or opinions are welcome abd strongly encouraged.

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