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09-25-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Zathronas View Post
Don't you think that basing the team strength on a 48 game schedule might be faulty? Last year during the lockout I was explaining to the posters here that the team was not as bad as they showed but most of you were putting them in a lottery slot again.

This year I'm saying we should be cautious thinking they are a contender as they showed us they were far from it in the playoffs. Those who says we should dismantle some prospects to go for it are as deluded as those who said after the lockout they would be a lottery team.
The team can obviously regress as our big improvements came from young players (Subban, Eller, the Gallys). But I personally wouldn't bet against those 4 doing well again this year. In 09 it was a pretty safe bet that Kovalev wouldn't repeat, that Streit's 62 points would be hard to replace. Who you are expecting to have a down year that would cause us to struggle?

Originally Posted by Darth Joker View Post
It isn't that we're tanking. Tanking teams don't bring in players like Briere and Murray. We are aiming to be competitive, and if our young guys develop quicker than expected, then we could surprise. It's just that we're not going "all-in".

Of our core guys, only two are well over 30. Those being Gionta and Markov. Most of the rest are very young (Patches, Subban, the Gallys, Eller), and a couple are in their prime (Pleks and Gorges). Price is 26, so he's just entering his prime, and he should be there for at least the next 6 years.

Given the overall makeup of the team, I think it makes the most sense to focus mostly on 2-3 years down the line. At that point, Patches, Subban, the Gallys, and Eller should all be in their primes or entering it. If Galchenyuk is a good 1st line center within 3 years, then him/Pleks should be an excellent one-two punch at center, as Pleks will only be 33 in three years time.

Guys like Gionta generally aren't that hard to replace through the free agency route. That is, after all, how we acquired Gionta to begin with. Of our key older guys, the only one that might be hard to replace is Markov. But with any luck at all, at least one of Tinordi and Beaulieu will develop into a good Top 4 D. If so, then a future Top 4 of Subban, Gorges, Emelin, and Tinordi/Beaulieu looks pretty good to me.

Now, for us to go "all-in" this year, we likely would have to give up at least one of the young guys I mentioned. Or we have to give up on someone like McCarron or Collberg, who are likely to be good Top 9 forwards in 2 or 3 years. We could be mortgaging the future to go all-in, largely on the basis of Markov's wonky knee and Price's unproven playoff record. I don't think that's the best course of action now. I think it's better to be patient, and to be satisfied for now with the fact that we should at least be competitive, and probably make the playoffs.
By that logic Chicago should not have signed Hossa when they did since their star players (Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook) were all so young and 2-3 years away from their prime.

Nobody is saying we should go all in like Pittsburgh last year. But trading/signing guys that address a need that you plan on having around for the next little while makes a lot of sense. Ottawa isn't going all in by trading for Ryan, they are still building, but now they have another core player.

Simply put it's never a bad time to acquire good players that are likely to stick around for a while.

Originally Posted by Zathronas View Post
I agree that it's not a wait and see approach but I'm basing my commentary from what is said about it around the league.
Which basically means you have faith in Bergevin blind or otherwise.

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