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09-25-2013, 01:37 PM
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Obviously if a team ever came back it would be conditional on a new stadium being built. Not anywhere near the pie ix location, that whole area is wayyyyyy too ghetto.

If the stadium was built with a bit of entertainment surrounding it, bars, restos, movie theatre. You can bet it could get 20k+ a game. After 3 years, the team would have to be competitive though. There's no point to bringing back a team with owners who plan to have a 70m payroll. Montreal would need a rich owner who could put out a 100m team, otherwise there's no point to bringing a team here. I hate soccer, I think watching grass grow is probably 10 times more exciting than soccer. The ALS are ok, but you are talking about a handful of games. The habs haven't done anything in 20 years, squat. I would like another professional team, montreal has the population to support it. Why wouldn't you guys support a team? Your tax dollars currently pay the office de la langue francaise. At least an MLB team will bring in tourists and tax dollars from players and civic pride if we win.

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