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09-25-2013, 12:54 PM
Richter Scale
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As has already been said, its Messier (the "94 cup" signature), Leetch ("94 MVP" signature), Richter ("finally" signature), and Gregson.

The size of the photo and what all you're including with it (frame included?) would impact the value. Is this Steiner or limited edition? Or no? That also would jack up the price. Not to mention that how you plan on selling it will impact the value you'll get for it as well (i.e. looking to sell it retail, to a shop where you'll need to sell at a bit of a discount, to a friend, through eBay, etc). I have all of these players' autographs; the autos in your photo look legit -- but the poster who said getting them authenticated (if they aren't already) is correct that this may boost its value.

The posters suggesting that its only worth $200-$300 have no clue. Sorry. No way. Signed individual 8x10 photos of Messier can retail at that price range depending on the buyer and seller. You've got 3 other signatures in there. And the poster suggesting $1000 is out of the question; hate to break it to you -- but its really not. It'd be a bit of a reach to sell it at that price range, and could take some work - but its doable.

Since the picture you have provided looks like this is above a bed frame, I'm assuming it is a 24x36 version of this photo that I've seen before. Here is one like it (missing Gregson's signature) on eBay. Seller is asking for just under $1,000. Has 3 watchers and has had 3 offers.

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