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09-25-2013, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
That larger sample size might be meaningless because Mez's injuries might have made him a different player. When a guy is markedly and consistently less effective every time he comes back from injuries and continues to rack up more injuries it sets off alarm bells.

The only way to be sure is to give him a roster spot and see how it goes. At 4 million dollars that's an excessively risky experiment to run.
I don't know how "markedly and consistently less effective" he's been. He has had two "comeback seasons" we can call them. One of them, he was clearly less effective (his second year in TB). The other, was 11 games out of a shortened season, wherein he was subsequently injured. I am not so sure that you can say that is less effective. A lot of people say he rushed back from the original injury two years ago, which likely would have hampered his play last year. If he's fully healthy, I expect a better showing than last year. How much better, I don't know. But better than last year.

Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
I not so sure. Not a lot of teams have cap space for 1 million dollar defenseman. HF always tends to believe players that are put on waivers would be taken quickly, it's just not always the case though.

Waive Gervais then, but he doesn't make enough to make us cap compliant.
I think Gus gets picked up. He's not as good as most around here say he is, but he's definitely worthy of a waiver pickup. I'd grab him if he was waived by another team. At $1 million, a team could make room.

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