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11-24-2006, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by MalcomOdd View Post
All Canadiens victories have not succeeded to convince me. There is always a sense that they have been lucky and undeserved wins. Nothing to reassure anyone, a lot of indiscipline, inability to play all 60 minutes of a game, Kovalev looking lazy not back-checking and even taking the time to talk with Brodeur about how he made a save. This is not by any means a ‘show by example’ that should be represented to the young players.

Of all the millions paid to our players, only Koivu deserves them and more for his effort than for his results. As a veteran he takes very good care of the youth, may it be Higgins or Latendresse –hey even Ryder belongs to this category really. This year Bonk deserves his salary more than Kovalev’s his, let alone Samsonov and Niinimaa. Kovalev should have taken more care of Perezhogin and Kostitsyn. If he is playing on only one leg, he should take a week off and go in Hamilton to show off his stick handling to the youth.

On the other hand, the line balance with youthful talents is providing a little hope. Our best player in terms of results and effort during 60 full minutes, Higgins, is on the disabled list and now we see Latendresse on the first line giving a good impression. A nice progression can be seen. Perezhogin with Bonk and Johnson are awesome and even if Bonk would get hurt, Plekanec would do fine for he impressed with Johnson during training camp. These two lines are solid.

Saddening multi millionaires on the second line with Samsonov skating in circles with a just a little puck control and Kovalev, well Kovalev I have said enough. Those two are the ones that must bring the team to the CUP. Hopefully they will begin to play before March arrives. For the cup my friends will not be for 2007-2008, it is this year or nothing for some time.

Next year we loose Bonk, Markov and Souray. We will look like this years Senators and be building for 3 years with a very entertaining group of kids. Then without Kovy, Koivu and Samsonov we may get an other trill.

I agree with everything expecpt your last comment.

We are bound to lose some players but I think its a matter of retooling and not rebuilding.

I understand samsonov and kovalev are prone to turnovers with their style. But it really buge me when they turn the puck over on simple plays (especially samasonov). I just cant find a reason to like sergei. Alex gets some slack with me because he shows up for big games. Although I guess that point can be argued too.

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