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09-25-2013, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by KaossKing View Post
things I watched today:

New HIMYM: better then last 2 seasons, promising
Agents of SHIELD ep1: Alot better than I expected. should be fun
Brooklyn Nine Nine: expected it to be terrible and utterly loved it. so funny
World War Z: god awful
Lets see how our opinions match up

Loved HIMYM... But I always do.
Agents of Shield was ok for me. Didnt expect much but I hope the show doesn't use the "monster of the week" type mentality of early Smallville and Arrow.
Brooklyn Nine Nine... The commercials looked horrific so I didnt even try. I dvr'd the show before it, "Dads" because of Seth Green and Giovani Ribisi but it was horrible. Got 5 minutes in and am deleted it.
I liked World War Z a lot. Went in with very low expectations because if all the negatives I heard regarding the changes from the book but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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