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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post

1) Miller (Top-6 C/W, think Dubi+, or as he's always been in my head: Roenick-)

2) Fast (Top-6 W, Hagelin-, but with a better shot)

3) Lindberg (Middle-6 C)

4) Kristo (Middle-6 W, John Mitchell+)

5) Hrivik (Pouliot-)

6) Kreider (Hopefully Erik Cole/Max Pacioretty, but I've given up such lofty goals. Best bet is Pyatt with a better shot at this point, if that)

Haven't been high on Kreider for a while, and his play over the past year has only made me question him more. All-world talent, but he has all the wrong red flags and they've become stronger, not weaker, as time has gone by. I'm not even sure he becomes a regular NHL player at this point. I'd love to wrong though.
I pretty much 100% agree with this. I'm hoping Kreider proves me wrong, but he's looked so, so confused on ice of late that short of complete positional awareness lobotomy, there's no way a coach is giving him a full-time NHL shift unless they're seriously banking on potential.

Miller - Roenick-lite is a great comparison. Gritty, right-place right-time, all around above average play. Drury with a pulse (more aggression + arrogance). Just needs a bit of Callahan's defensive zone awareness/cool head (he has a bit of a tendency to chase the play) and he'll be well on his way to replacing Richards as 3C next year.

Fast - better shot than Hagelin, but better vision/passing as well. Not quite the skater (lateral/agility as well as top-end speed) and nowhere near the forecheck ability Hagelin has, but he made a couple of passes in pre-season that maybe ~3 Rangers (Zucc, Richards pre-2013, Stepan) would have even attempted. Thoroughly impressed.

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