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Originally Posted by NYR2007 View Post
lol what ?
he's not neccesarily wrong. When you have hall of fame players or top notch ones, adding a signature of an essentially irrelevant person in that ref, can lower the market value.

For example, i have a tennis ball autographed by Rafa Nadal. I met him in like 2003 or 04 before he got huge. I was also really young.

So i got another person to autograph the ball too, if i recall correctly it's Lisa Raymond. In case you don't know, lisa raymond is a pretty reknowned player in her own right. She's american adn was a doubles beast for a long time.

However, her autograph on that ball actually diminishes the value since most people looking for Rafa autographs are looking for ones solely of him.

the only time a rafa ball would be increased in value by being autographed by other tennis players would be to have it with like him and federer or djokovic or someone else of an extremely high level.

Another thing that really diminishes value on autographs is personalization. When autographs are made out to people they are not worth as much on the secondary market.

I used to be an intense autographs collector (and still do so here and there nowadays) but even back when i was younger, if the player was reknowned i would always get them to autographs items individually.

Like the same day i met Rafa, I met roger federer too and he had already won a few majors, so i got his autograph on it's own ball.

I used to go to baseball games and would literally bring 10-15 baseballs in my bag because i never wanted two guys on the same ball.

I met david wright at his first MLB game and got him to sign a ball. The mets were playing the phillies and i also met jimmy rollins that day, but got him on his own ball, because at the time, i figured David Wright might diminish the value of the Rollins ball, who was a perrenial all-star.

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