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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
There could be a host of other factors involved, that you should check off as well.

Do you store your skates safely? Such that the edges are protected with a skateguard?

Has your steel been ground down so much over tim that you are bottoming out? As in your boot/holder touches the ice every time you turn?

What skates are they?

1/2" is a standard cut, used by the majority of skaters of all ages.
Hey man,
They're RBZ skates and the steel is still very new (I have a friend who is a CCM rep who got me an awesome deal on the beauties).. I think I'm pretty safe on how I store them.. I always use soakers and they typically go on the top of all my gear in my bag. 1/2" is just always what I've used.. I tried 5/8 a few times because some canadian friends told me to but my edgework wasn't great when I did so I went back to a 1/2.. thanks man

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