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09-25-2013, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Honour Over Glory View Post
So those suspensions didn't happen and the arrest?

Or wait, are you assuming his short tenure with the Canucks trumps the time I saw him play for the Petes & in Windsor for a few years?

Tell me more.

You're jumping to conclusions like your fellow Nucks brethren that assumed I was an Oilers fan for whatever reason without doing any research. Some of us know what we are talking about, I have SEEN the guy play, I agree that when he was in Juniors, I could see the potential, but sometimes potential does not translate and from what I have seen of him in Portland & Buffalo and of course, the Canucks because some of us do love hockey and order a NHL package to watch the freaking sport, he's still living off of that potential he had in his draft year, Buffalo got wise to the facts and dumped him while people still believed in that potential and got back a damn solid player in that return.

Sometimes you win a few trades, sometimes you don't.

This one looks like a no. As for the Bertuzzi comparisons, even Bert showed more consistent flashes with the Islanders, he almost scored 20 goals in his freaking rookie year, Zack can barely muster 10 goals while playing with pretty decent talent because of his high draft status, but yeah with Bert I bet it's something I am guessing you never saw because the East doesn't matter to you Western Conference I doing that assuming thing right in this situation?

I'm not attacking you or your fan base, unlike that one fellow with his insanely off base Mario Lemieux comments, of whom by the way was never a saint, he had his moments where he pissed off us Pens fans too with his love for a country club type of atmosphere, but people grow up and change. Some do anyways.
I'm not making any assumptions, its just easy to tell you haven't seen him play in a long long time, with the way you are off, and it seems clear your standpoint is anti-kassian from the beginning, without any objectivity.

You can clearly see the potential from watching him play, I had never followed him at all till he came to VAN, and my initial reaction was that I very unhappy with the trade, but you could see very quickly his skills and the potential.

Originally Posted by Kevin8se7en View Post
Lol show me this immense skill that makes him a 1st line talent then. No one has ever been able to do that before. It's kind of funny actually. Everything has to do with him beign big and apparently having this "skill" that he never seems to actually show off ever. Well, except in a shootout I guess.. but that's not really all that impressive.
Epic fail my friend.

In his draft year, Here is the list of things said about him:
*A combo of meanness and skill in his power forward game
*The CHL player with the highest PIM per game
*At 6ft3, 210lbs he is built like a classic Power Forward and has Strength
*He's made an impact delivering thunderous checks
*Ability to score, battle and contribute defensively

That sounds EXACTLY like what I think of him. What a surprise!
THe guy is going to net a few goals just being in front of the net (Holmstrom-style) but don't act like he's a skilled top 6 winger with size. He's a winger with size in the top 6, that is all.

I wasn't actually able to find anything of him being well above average in that department like Nucks fans seem to claim.
He has skill, smarts and speed. The ability & potential is obvious. His issues are consistency.

If you, HOG, or anyone else can't see that, then your a terrible judge of talent.

1. That sounds about right... ignore anything that ins't in agreement with your opinion and claim that it's false, with zero evidence.
2. Since when does TSN not follow Vancouver? lmao... that is possibly the weakest argument i've ever hard on here.
1. Or I would rather not waste my time going through all the points in all of his posts, when there isn't even a smidgen of objectivity there to begin with.

2. I didn't say they didn't follow Vancouver, I just said they don't see to know what they are talking about when it comes to us, sure they know the main storylines which is why everything TSN talks about Vancouver the topic is pretty much either Luongo or Torts, they just don't know a whole lot about anything else going on.

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