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09-26-2013, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
He put up nearly a ppg over HALF A SEASON.

When he puts up a PPG over a FULL season, then you can start calling him a top 10 center.

People are absolutely overrating him. Saying he's better than guys like E. Staal, P. Bergeron. Laughable.

A top 10 center is a joke.
I am one of the biggest supporters of his holdout but....
I agree he is absolutely not a top 10 center.
Probably not a top 20 center.
If he is the 30th best center in the league this year and signs for 3.5 he is still way way underpaid.
Thats the point. Rank him where you want. anywhere from 15-40 in most rankings.
The value for the 15th-40th center in the league far exceeds 3.5.
People may be over rating him for sure. 100%
But there are just as many people who under value his price.
What people dont wanna hear is that no matter how you slice it if he was arbitration eligible this year when you punch the numbers his worth is 5.5 million dollars. and he knows that and his agent know that....
If I was him I would ask for 1 year at 2.6
gets him arb eligible next year.

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