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Originally Posted by robwangjing View Post

Approved by KHL:

Håkons Hall - Cap. 10 000, built in 1993. (No team today)

Also this text below got me very interested: Could there really be a Swedish team in discussion? It must happen as we speak, behind closed doors, as no media has reported on this.

They also continue to say that now it's up for "Norway" if they want a team there, and also that it will most likely be a new team rather than one from the Norwegian league.
Most likely Hakons Hall till a new Arena is built for Winter Olympic bid. My question is this. Littlehammer is 2 hours from Oslo give or take. You can take the Train from Oslo no prob. Will people do that on the weekends? Will a week day game draw enough spectators from Oppland?

Originally Posted by Den View Post
KHL is running out of space: there are basically 1 place left in the league, it will be 29 teams after the Finns join next year.

IMHO, accepting Donbass was stupid. This is not a hockey city.
Any one that believes that the KHL will stop at 30 teams is naive. As far as Donbass goes I don't understand what you mean. They are building a 12k arena. They have sport crazy local fans. They have money and it's important to have hockey back in Ukraine. You would be stupid not to have them in the KHL. Eventually Sokil will be back too.

Originally Posted by Peter25 View Post
60% of the budget of the Norwegean KHL team will be covered by Gazprom. Why?
Very simple. Norway oil and gas and Russian oil and gas are both rivals and coworkers. I told you guys for years now that the KHL is coming to Norway for many reasons. There are many things happening here behind the scenes that have nothing to do with hockey. It is like two rival families marrying their kids to stop a feud. You guys need to understand that there is so much more to the KHL than just hockey. It's just a tip of the Iceberg. It is a major catalyst for cooperation between large global companies. The integration of the Russian market to European companies and opportunities of business cooperation between countries that normally are pretty cold to Russian businesses is both very important and a good thing for the world.

Originally Posted by brec7 View Post
The KHL would never say it, but I think they probably know and are even planning on teams dying off in order to allow for all these new markets. If they want to go Europe wide going to Norway is probably a good strategy, there's enough hockey interest there that the KHL could draw and it's a huge step up from the current league- where as in Sweden and Finland it may be a step up from the local league, but not enough to overcome the tradition of the Swedish & Finnish leagues.
With all the structural improvements being paid for right now, i doubt any Russian teams are gonna die off. As for the Finnish and Swedish tradition, think of it like this. There were other things to drink world wide before Coca Cola came around. We heard this crap from our Czechoslovakian friends too. And despite what Jussi and co say, Scandinavians are not unique snowflakes that are too complex for stupid Russians to understand.

Originally Posted by Den View Post
Which ones? Vityaz will be relocated to Sochi, I don't see others dying. May be Yugra.
Bingo. Not gonna happen. Bad for the KHL.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
there are 5-7 russian clubs which can be and will be relegated to VHL.
See above. It's bad for the KHL Vorky. They want to show stability badly. The 30 team cap is ********. Trust me. These teams would have to **** up really really bad for KHL to let them fail.

Originally Posted by Ivan94 View Post
amur and admiral can be sent in the Asia League Ice Hockey. geografically a much better option than KHL.
Better option for whom? There are plans for more teams in the East. That whole area of Russia is seeing a large boom.

Originally Posted by Salavat Yulaev View Post
A Norwegean club made from scratch may join KHL next season. Gazprom will be a general sponsor and cover 60% of expenditures. Norwegean club owners already gave their permit.

So maybe next year Patric Toressen will be a cap of a new KHL team
There will be a Norwegian club in the KHL soon. What format exactly we will see. But I've been telling you guys for years now about KHL expansion to Norway.

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