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01-15-2004, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs4ever
if you remember Dagenais was acquired just as wild pick by BG and he's paying off big dividends,...
I don’t think we’re underrating our players at all. I think we’re being realistic and looking at the long term instead of the short term. The way you’re talking you seem to think the team has peaked and there’s no need for improvements. When we are critical of players like Dags, we realize that for this team to get better and to contend for Cups, players in certain positions are going to have to be upgraded.

Dags has been scoring for us, but not by any stretch of the imagination is he a guy that’s going to take us to the Cup. He’s may be a decent 2nd liner for a team squeaking into the playoffs, but would not have a spot on a contending team. Same with Quintal.

I’ll agree that Ward is an important player and has a long term future with the team, but only as a 4th (maybe 3rd) liner. You are kidding yourself if you think he can be a top 6 player. He can adapt all he wants but it will boil down to a lack of NHL caliber skills (skating, hands)

The jury is still out on Ribs. I personally can’t see him as a 2nd line centre on a contending team, but he could easily prove me wrong. He still lacks strength and his defensive play is pretty bad, but he has taken other elements of his game and improved them drastically (skating) so maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

I, for one, try to pass fair judgment on players no matter how well we are doing in the win column. If you look at the great teams, they are never satisfied with what they have (ie Colorado getting Kariya and Forsberg) and are always looking to improve. If we expect to take the next step as team ,we have to do the same.

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