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09-26-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
Laughton is a poor man's Mike Richards. A great asset to have, 2nd/3rd liner for sure. But the only area he really beats cousins is hitting. Skating is pretty close, and cousins is catching up in 2-way play WAY faster than anyone anticipated.

Cousins reads plays better, makes crisper passes, shoots well for someone his age. His balance is much improved, and he goes into the boards with ENERGY! He's also a chatter box, but in a way like Giroux more than carcillo ( he will piss you off THEN score)

Both nice prospects, but one is a 7.5B and the other is a 8-8.5B
100% disagreed. Laughton skating is head over heals better than Cousins, and Cousin's defensive play will HOPEFULLY be half of what Laughton's currently is. Laughton was touted as one of the best defensive forwards in the CHL. You are forgetting that Laughton also provides everything, hits like crazy and talks it up. His main problem is his offensive play which will prohibit him from being a top line forward.

Your super overrating Cousins if you think he will be a top line forward in this league. You know that 8-8.5 is top prospect in the league rankings right? Guys like Tarasenko and Galchenyuk are 8.5's. Cousins' main comparision is Marchand and thats if EVERYTHING goes right.

Trust me, I wish you were right but the percentage of Cousins being THAT good is probably around 10%

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