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09-26-2013, 03:55 PM
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I'm still a newb goalie (Second season go! my record is 0-3-1 right now. League could use shoot-outs or a few minutes of OT).

Here's my thoughts because they all sound familiar to me.

#1 You may want to be further out of the crease to cut down amount of net. I find that I get eaten alive on the shots upstairs if I'm in a butterfly and too deep in the crease. If the shooter is getting in really close than a poke check may be in order. Also having your glove further out from your body cuts down the aerial angle a little bit more.

#2 I struggled with this a lot when I started. Every single shot in my 5 hole would go in, even if it hit my stick. I'm much better at cushioning and redirecting shots from the 5 hole.

The two things that helped me were making sure that my stick was on the ice at all times when a shot is imminent and also "leading with the stick" which also reinforced the keeping the stick on the ice part. After enough hockey my grip became much stronger (my right hand is now noticeable larger than my left make some jokes) and I do a much better job of directing the puck into the corners so all that energy isn't trying to knock my stick aside.

#3 Low blocker side is always a pain. I've been practicing "leading into the save" to square up even as the shot is incoming and also simply reminding myself to track the puck all the way. Having active hands (both glove and blocker) helps as well.

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