Thread: Speculation: Post Your 2013-14 Lineup
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09-26-2013, 05:44 PM
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And on the back end:


This is a hard one, breaking up Schenn and Kimmo after last year irks me. But Coburn has always played better with Kimmo. The top four on this team seems pretty distinct to me, and nicely interchangeable with two more offensive guys and two more defensive, if one pair does not work just swap 'em.


This is the obvious second pairing if we go with that first. The two reasons that I separated Kimmo and Schenn are that: A) I think it rounds the defensive side of our defence out more nicely, I think Kimmo and Schenn are our best two of these four at actually defending, so makes more even pairings, as Streit is the worst. B) Gives Schenn a chance to show he can lead a pairing, which he would not get with Kimmo next to him, he did this well towards the end of last year, and would give him more to build on. Of course, the one problem here is that it could unsettle Schenn, or make him lose confidence due to Streits subpar D (compared to Kimmo), and send him on another dip, which his career seems to have been so far, one good year, one bad, so maybe if this is seemingly a problem out of the gate flip Schenn and Coburn before damage is done.


This is obviously the hardest one to pick, Grossmann is great, and exactly what any team wants on their third pairing, reliable, strong, good positionally, great on the boards, hey, who cares if he doesn't get points, it is not his role. However, the #6D is a toss up, I think Gus and Mez are the guys most suited, as they compliment Grossmann best, the worry is both have had a bad pre season, so Gus gets it as while he has been bad, Mez has unfortunately been worse, not the best way to pick, but the only one in this scenario!

I think we keep 2 D men extra as well, so Lauridsen drops down to the AHL, Mez gets #7 (if he is not traded, heck, we have the cap room, if not ideal) and then probably Gervais is #8 and Gill signed to two way and goes to Phantoms.

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