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Originally Posted by Den View Post
Which ones? Vityaz will be relocated to Sochi, I don't see others dying. May be Yugra.
Some might merge, I'd prefer to see atlant go away ya know.
Also, as I said earlier, I do not see Medvescak being a long term thing. Same for Yurga, being from such a small tiny town.

I agree with brec7. Of course, it's just speculation... but I think it's realistic speculation.

Can we count on the Swedish team in the KHL season 2014/15 ?

- I would not count on it , no. I'm surprised that Finland released Jokerit . But Finland has a different structure . Our best players are playing in the NHL , while Finland has very many players in KHL
Lulz, a big vacuum sucking sound will suck out Swedish players that have some quality, it's only a matter of time.

Any one that believes that the KHL will stop at 30 teams is naive. As far as Donbass goes I don't understand what you mean. They are building a 12k arena. They have sport crazy local fans. They have money and it's important to have hockey back in Ukraine. You would be stupid not to have them in the KHL. Eventually Sokil will be back too.
No. The reason why Ukraine is in there is so that the KHL would say "we are in X many countries", where X a greater number than before. Ukraine's hockey condition is very difficult I think... it's not something to be proud of. Yet, it increases the number of KHL countries by +1, which is useful for marketing purposes.

The integration of the Russian market to European companies and opportunities of business cooperation between countries that normally are pretty cold to Russian businesses is both very important and a good thing for the world.
I disagree. Western business practices are often downright awful. Horrid to be precise. Lets not mix that with hockey and other things.
Case in point... ...yes it's a prank, but it brings awareness to the problems which are very much real and actual.

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