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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
How long we're you off? What blades came on your skates? I just got a new pair of Reebok 16K's. The equipt mgr of our ECHL team sharpens my skates. When I took them to him to get the blades profiled he didn't even want to bother messing with them. He yanked the steel out and replaced them with a pro steel blade. Made a huge difference. He said he would be sharpening 25 pairs of skates a day if he let his guys play on stock steel. Maybe try doing some research on the web and try and find some new blades and see if that helps. Seems silly to spend more money on new skates but if you can triple the life of a sharpening you can offset the cost fairly quickly at $10 a pop or so.
The RBZs came with polished stainless steel. When compared to other retail steel, it is of a good quality.

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