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09-26-2013, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by IPreferPi View Post
It's not really a knock on Kessel. Nonetheless, franchise #1D > franchise winger, and considering we just resigned OEL to an long-term and fair extension and Kessel is an impeding UFA, there really is no way Maloney would ever contemplate a move between the two unless Toronto adds substantially.
I understand the whole contract thing I was taking it as a dig on Kessel.

Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post
So you actually think the Coyotes would trade OEL for Kessel? Tell me, when was the last time a soon to be UFA returned an elite young defensman who certainly could be a top 5 defensman in the near
future? Come on...
1st off I never suggested that trade I responded to a post that implied that OEL is a better player(has more impact on a game) then Kessel. Kessel will be resigned in Toronto, when they gave Bozak his deal and let Grabo walk that all but confirmed it for me. To that note say Kessel gets 7 for 7 then value wise he is worth OEL but star term for term trades rarely even happen unless a player is cancerous.

I wish I could have a disclosure that says : If I make a proposal thread in the forum I have all ready thought of contract deets. Usually I am simply comparing player A to player B on on ice merit alone.

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