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Official Perron Watch Thread (Mod warning #341 copied to OP)

This thread is being created to localize the inevitable Perron discussion that will take place throughout the year. If you want to talk about how Perron is doing, or the trade, or any other related topics, then this is the most appropriate place to do so.

Please keep the conversation civil and respectful. Those who are unable to do so will be removed from the conversation at the moderator's discretion.

Mod warning post #341:

It's getting awfully personal in here. That stops now, or you'll be removed from the discussion and/or infracted. Since all Perron discussion goes here, that means you will be done talking about it on this board. Attempts to bypass the removal by carrying the conversation to other threads will be deleted and/or infracted.

If you don't like a post, that's not an excuse to go after a poster personally. If you don't like a specific poster, use the ignore function. If you won't do that and you can't stop going after a specific poster, I have the power to put you on forced ignore or outright ban you from this forum. If you think I won't do it, try me.

The thread is a legitimate topic, and one that many Blues fans care about. It also has the nice side benefit of containing all the related Perron discussion in one place so it's easy to avoid if one chooses. If you're tired of the conversation, don't click the clearly marked link.
You have been warned.

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