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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Not really. That's why there's such an overturn of coaches in the league. Bruce Boudreau tried to do that, got fired, the Caps brought in a coach to do what Boudreau was trying to do, left, and brought in a coach whose system would be of benefit to the players. Players are supposed to adapt to the coach, if that's not happening it's on the GM to do something about it. Hence, why it was smarter to change the coach in the off-season, because it's going to happen anyways.
I disagree, coaches have to evaluate their talent and come up with the best style of play for the team they have. However the discrepancy between talent and style of play is very important factor in why some players succeed and why some dont.

Why new jersey is a successful organization is because they have an architect that has determined the style of play the organization will play, from their they select the players that best fit that style not necessarily the most talented, and they select coaches that coaches that style. This has given the devils an organizational identity and their is no deviation from that identity anywhere in the organization.

Most teams select the best players available and hope all the pieces fit together. While this draft strategy allows you to get the best value for your pick it may not give you a winning team. A great example of this was Columbus with Jeff Carter and Rick nash. No doubt Jeff Carter was the best Center Rick Nash has ever played with in Columbus in terms of talent, but those players are horrible compliments to one another and I think your average HfBoard poster would have the sense to point that out.

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