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09-27-2013, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by BigDaddyLurch View Post
Weber was made redundant when Diaz came in, as Diaz is a far better PMD than Weber...just as Diaz is soon to become redundant once Nygren acclimates himself to the North American game, since Nygren is just as good a PMD, has a killer shot, can be useful defensively, and actually hits...funny how players become redundant when you get better ones...
You say that because you've only seen (and wanted to see) the good Nygren. Perhaps he's actually not as good defensively as Diaz? Perhaps he's not as good a PMD? Perhaps he has a good shot but he's always going to shoot wide under pressure from checking NHL forwards? What if he never gets better than he is now, and what if he regresses?

Diaz is better than Weber because he's an NHL player and Weber isn't. Nygren isn't an NHL player yet so be careful. We always think the rookies are better because we want them to be better and mix up their projected and potential talents with their actual real world abilities. Sometimes they truly are great (see, Subban), sometimes it takes a little while and disappointement (Pacioretty was labeled a bust by some when he had a bad second year, lolz) and sometimes they start strong and end up being, well, nothing. See Weber for that.

At one time Subban and Weber were considered comparable, since they had similar junior stats and were drafted the same year. At one time a lot of people thought Weber would be the better player, he joined the AHL one year earlier, had great stats. The description of his abilities then was eerily similar to Nygren's... Monster slapshot! Great passes! Good speed! Decent defensive abilities! (better than Subban!) was what a lot of people were preaching from Weber. Sadly he never got better than he was that year in the AHL.

I know a lot of people don't like him but Diaz is still an NHL defensemen at this point. He's a good passer, he's quick, he has a great, accurate shot and good positioning. And most importantly, he does all that at the NHL level. He'd likely be one if not the top defensemen in the SEL, were Nygren played last year. There, he'd be considered an elite passer, very quick with a massive laser accurate and powerful shot and excellent positioning. So please, lets start saying Nygren is better than Diaz when and if he actually is better.

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