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Originally Posted by KelownaRocketsFan View Post
Hey guys!

First of all, thanks to everybody who helped me and answered all the questions I had about hockey in Canada, equipment and so on.

I arrived in Canada a month ago and I got it done to join the minor hockey association here and to play hockey. I have all my equipment together now and got to know our first ice times. I'm joining a house league team and our first practice will be next Thursday. I never played hockey before (I know how to skate, though) but probably everybody else did (since I'm midget level in Canada). So my simple question is, do you have any tips how to succeed at my first time playing hockey? What should I do / should I not do? What should I pay attention on?
I can live with the fact that I'm most likely the worst player on the ice since I just love the sport and want to have fun playing it. However, I'm extremely nervous and kind of afraid of not getting anything done.

Thanks for your help!
Let team mates know your situation and ask for help right off the bat. Do not be afraid to ask any question no matter how big or small.

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