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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Aren't ready? Coehoorn is 27 yrs old with several years pro experience now and he's still bordering on the other side of useless. As I've stated all year having him out there on every down for whatever reason is akin to being shorthanded on every play. Its possibly worse. Because actually checking down on him is a distraction from useful targets. At best he's a drive stopper. When he's not taking unsportsmanlike penalties for stupid **** like trying to punch somebody.

Lets look at his sum contribution last week. 5 balls thrown his way. On two of them the pass is right on his mitts, easy catch, and he flubs both with his typical clumsiness. On a 3rd pass he didn't run his route and the pass went where he was supposed to be. He made it look good though with outstretched hands in the air.. all try this kid..<sarcasm>
On the two passes he did somehow manage to catch he failed to break tackle on either one, and failed to make a first down on either one. He contributed 9yds offense out there while being in for virtually all of the downs. On any play Coehoorn gets hit he grimaces and gingerly picks himself up like he's broken and a stretcher is required. I don't think theres a more obvious case in this league of a player that shouldn't be playing pro football. This guy is a friggen *****.

Sorry to break it to you as well but Koch is not Canadian. He's an import. So I'm not sure what you're trying to say with that excuse.

As I've stated for years a recieving core consisting of Fred Stamps and junk is mostly junk. (this stated during the long bowman absence) IN every instance yourself and others proclaimed that the receiving core here wasn't at all a problem and that this was just me complaining.
Yup...Coehoorn is 27 and he has completed 2 years in the CFL. A grand total of 35 games.
I guess for you that means several years.
He is not young in terms of his birth certificate but he is young in terms of experience which clearly you refuse to acknowledge.

He needs to improve. That much is clear.

Also he is a non import...looks like you missed again.

In any event I get dont like him and you will defend that position (like you did with Ray when he was here) until the end.

So we shall just have to agree to disagree as I am not the least bit interested in an ongoing circular discussion and your ongoing obfuscation of facts.

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