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09-27-2013, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Yup...Coehoorn is 27 and he has completed 2 years in the CFL. A grand total of 35 games.
I guess for you that means several years.
He is not young in terms of his birth certificate but he is young in terms of experience which clearly you refuse to acknowledge.

He needs to improve. That much is clear.

Also he is a non import...looks like you missed again.

In any event I get dont like him and you will defend that position (like you did with Ray when he was here) until the end.

So we shall just have to agree to disagree as I am not the least bit interested in an ongoing circular discussion and your ongoing obfuscation of facts.
Are you having trouble with reading comprehension? Koch is an import. Which is what I corrected from your post. For some reason you thought Koch is a non import.

Also, this is Coehoorns third season. Didn't get much action in the first but whatever. I mention his age because it signifies he's not getting much better.

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