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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
Mariano changed the game of baseball with his dominance.

The role of relievers and closers has completely changed since he began. While it may have happened eventually anyway, he certainly sped up the process.

Eventually we will see teams throwing guys out there three innings at a time and pitching every couple days. It will be something like this.

Sabathia for 3 or 4, Nova for 3 or 4, 8th inning guy, closer.

While i agree, a position player is more valuable then another player who plays every couple days and only for a piece of the game, to dominate your position and change the way the game is viewed/played, that is not something that nearly ever occurs.

Very few have done it in any sport.
Rivera didn't change the sport. You had guy like Randy Myers, Rick Aguilera, Troy Percival, and on and on coming out of the bullpen to dominate the end of games. Rivera debuted just as specialists and the prototypical closers began to become established in baseball. It was happening before he came, and would have happened without him. Hell, the Yankees had John Wetteland blowing people away right before Mo debuted. Rivera did it better than anyone else ever has (and probably ever will), but he didn't change the game.


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