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09-27-2013, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Cresto View Post
I'm not pissed at AV. He's doing fine. It's the players. The players are ****ing pathetic. Lundqvist can't make a save. He blamed it on deflections last night. He works hard so I'll let that slide because there's truth in that. Tonight, no excuses. Falk is useless and shouldn't see NHL ice. I don't care if he's our 7th. If someone is injured, put him in for 5 minutes and find someone else the next game. Sign Gilroy. Who here can say Falk looks like a defenseman based on his play? Bickel is just bone headed. Every game he does something that makes you wonder if he's actually playing on a team or if he's just doing **** on the ice because he can. Nash has been lazy and horrible with all of his penalties. Kreider is invisible. All the vets are playing like ****. All the guys competing for spots are playing great.
Game ended at 1AM EST last night. After the game, they got on a flight and came to Vegas from vancouver. That's a 3 hour flight. So being nice, they got on the plane at 2 am EST/11PM PST, arrived in Vegas at 5am EST/2am PST, then they get to the hotel and pass out maybe at the earliest, 6am est/3 am pst.

I'd be ****ing tired too.

Every single year we see this. Rangers are a popular team so they get flown around the world, put smiles on saying it's team building, but really they get exhausted and start the season slowly.

They'll be fine, but it's not easy playing 4 games in 5 nights, let alone when those games are all over the western part of the united states.

AGain, you and other posters need to reserve judgement until, you know, the games count.

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