Thread: Proposal: Oscar Klefbom for Kevin Bieksa
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09-28-2013, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by settinguptheplay View Post
Oh don't worry about being rude. Worry more about your inability to understand the words you yourself wrote.

What part of the bolded says anything about potential? You made no claim about Klefblom potentially being better in 2 years. You wrote explicitly that Klefbom will be more valuable in 2 years. So again I ask. What criteria are you using to determine that Klefbom will be more valuable? What has he done in the NHL to support your claim?

So apparently most media, scouts and hockey personnel support your claim. Care to link even 1 article that claims Klefbom will have X value in 2 years? Can you show me 1 article that guarantees that Klefbom will even be in the NHL in 2 years?

And you are right. I cannot nor would I make the claim that Horvat will be better than Mike Brown. But then you are comparing a 4th line tough guy who has been passed around the NHL to a top 4 (top shutdown) Dman. Do you really see Mike Brown and Kevin Bieksa having similar career paths?

I am not easily fooled by your moving of goalposts and deflections.
An aging, expensive Top 4 defenceman that, while making Edmonton better, we A) do not overly need and B) do not really want. Edmonton needs bolstering in its bottom 6 and decent goaltending prospects far more then it needs more defencemen.

Your points on potential and value are completely ridiculous and you seem more unwilling than unable to understand. Prospects are an inexact science. There is no way to say Klefbom will be rated an 86 compared to Bieksa's 83, real life isn't EA sports. I said VALUABLE very deliberately, because, again, I don't know for a fact that he will be better, but most people in the oiler organization are VERY high on Klefbom. It would take a significant overpay to get him and Bieksa doesn't get it done. We signed Ference to hopefully fill that role.

I could, if I cared to, link to any number of articles by quite a few different guys all very high on Klefbom, but what's the point? They'll just be dismissed as oiler homers anyway.

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