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09-28-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
You will realize very quickly that this is not allowed to occur on here. I try to be as optimistic as I can, and not put all that much stock into preseason action. I understand that we didn't play too well in the preseason and it's a little troublesome, but people are already calling for a coaching change and Homer to "step down" when a meaningful game has yet to be played in the 13-14 season. I am hoping they come out firing on all cylinders and are completely healthy to begin the year, and would like to see everyone's opinion on the personnel then.

Now if they come out stumbling and can't put forth a complete game, then I will say it might be time to make a move. I am not saying after the first 5 games either, I need to see more than that with the healthy and new line up. Say 20-25 games in, if we are hovering around .500 or even lower, then make a move.

EDIT: See you joined in 2009, just saw your post count. You are fully aware of the level of doom and gloom around here.
See, I do think there is a difference between being negative and being realistic. I dont think they should make a move but something needs to be fixed before the season starts. One can say its only preseason, but there is no such thing as "flipping the switch". The team, in preseason, was trying to win but couldnt. The system Lavy plays is severely flawed because it has no defensive input in it.

Am I going to freak out yet? Not at all. But to say everything is fine because it's preseason means one just has blinders on. They are playing THE EXACT SAME WAY they did last season.

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