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09-28-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
See, I do think there is a difference between being negative and being realistic. I dont think they should make a move but something needs to be fixed before the season starts. One can say its only preseason, but there is no such thing as "flipping the switch". The team, in preseason, was trying to win but couldnt. The system Lavy plays is severely flawed because it has no defensive input in it.

Am I going to freak out yet? Not at all. But to say everything is fine because it's preseason means one just has blinders on. They are playing THE EXACT SAME WAY they did last season.
The problem with a lot of people on this board is you aren't allowed to be a realist if your POV sees the Flyers in a negative light. If you say something "bad," you open up the flood gates for a bunch of people calling you a terrible, clueless fan.

I love the Flyers, but he fact of the matter is this team is not very good. At least, not a legit contender for a few more years. We may squeak into the playoffs as a bottom seed, but don't expect a deep playoff run. The system Lavy is implementing is terrible for this roster. We have a good crop of forwards and I think we have a decent blue line (even though it is missing that #1 stud), but our forwards aren't strong enough defensively for this system.

Unless Lavy brings in a new system, or we he gets fired, I see no real reason to be highly optimistic this season

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