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Originally Posted by impudent_lowlife View Post
That's right, fancy-stat guys don't watch games.

You want the Habs to have Tim Kerr planted in a 2-foot radius around the crease. That is your recipe for success? The Flyers had some good years but they never won a cup with Kerr.
Only because he was hurt all the time. If they have him in 1987, they win the cup. They took Edmonton to seven games without him. They had Tocchet but Kerr was awesome. 8 goals in 12 games that year btw.
Originally Posted by impudent_lowlife View Post
Scoring comes from quality chances in the home-plate area - not just a 2-foot radius around the net.

Maybe McCarron will be that player but until then where's this mythical behemoth with the soft hands going to come from? Bergevin going to pull him out of his ***?
Where did I say it does? Of course you won't win with only those guys... never said you would. But they sure are nice to have in your lineup and they make a huge difference. You don't think Galchenyuk or Subban are going to have an easier time scoring with the opposing goalie and D fighting off screens? Of course they will.

Let me ask you, do you like watching Gallagher play? What is it about his game that you like? Don't you think we could use more of that in our lineup? What's wrong with that?

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