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09-28-2013, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
No...its not obvious. Its ambiguous.

In 1 sentence you declared anything north of 15-20 points is pure fantasy. Next you state that 30 points is pure fantasy...which is it?

In any event if you are willing to back up what you post and that anything north of 15-20 say 21 a fantasy then yes I will definitely take that bet.

BTW...15-20 points is not statistically beyond his really need to check your math.
you say 30 i say 20, lets split the difference and say 25... actually no, i'll even go a couple better, 23.... if JJ gets 23 or more, i lose, 22 or less i win? fair.... standard one month avatar?

i must admit, i'll be very happy to lose such a bet though, lol

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