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09-28-2013, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by impudent_lowlife View Post
And if I had the time I could produce video that supports my view.

The Habs dominated the Sens in scoring chances and possession. Yet they lost because they didn't have Tom Kerr - that's the gist of LG's argument.
You don't need to be Tim Kerr to go to the net. The Sens didn't have him but they had no fear of doing it to us. Why? Because we don't have anyone back there to stop them.

Not only do we not have a 'Tim Kerr' we don't have a big shutdown guy either. We're losing battles at BOTH ends of the ice.

As for 'chance' well sure... some goals go in that shouldn't. Nobody denies this anymore than anyone has tried to deny that we got tons of chances. But we ALWAYS get tons of chances and we never seem to score in the postseason. We've had the odd year where the pucks go in but we always get stumped by the opposing goalie.

You seem to think I'm dismissing Avanced Stats... I'm not. What I'm saying is that they are not going to tell you everything. Not everything is luck or chance. Sometimes there are underlying causes and anyone who watches us in the playoffs can see this.

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