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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
It's not just me dude. Tons of very well respected posters here agree with me on this. And it's pretty much universally agreed upon in the hockey world that we're too small and soft a team to realistically compete for a cup.
If we added those two guys we'd be contenders today - instantly. You seem to think they wouldn't help us? You don't think these guys bring anything to the table? Really?

Hell, I'd settle for guys like Bobby Ryan (who's not even a true power forward) and Braydon Coburn.

The Bruins do it occasionally with Chara on the PP believe it or not. Park him right in front of the net. Only reason they don't do it more is because his defending in front of his own net already takes such a toll on him, that plus who the hell else do they have to man the point? Their offense isn't that great but in the playoffs they win. They play dirty and cause havoc in the opposing crease.

As for Parros, sure we could do this. Unfortunately he has hands of cement. So it kind of negates the benefits. What I would do (and I've said this before) is tell Bourque to stand in front of the net and nail his ass there. He could play that role.

Also, I'd stop adding smurfs. We've proven over and over again that it doesn't work in the playoffs but here we go doing it again...

You still don't get it...

It doesn't matter if you score from the blueline or the dirty areas. What matters is that you've got somebody screening the goalie. If you do, you'll be more successful. I couldn't care less if we score from two feet out or twenty as long as we score. Scoring from in close doesn't mean you had a guy there sitting in front of the net man and that's what I'm talking about.

Secondly, the playoffs are a different bird. We've got lots of skilled players in our lineup but they all play the same style. THAT's the problem. As far as us scoring plenty from those areas... we didn't score a whole lot in the playoffs. If they came from the slot... GREAT! We should go there MORE. Gallagher goes to the net and stays there. That's why everybody loves him... We need more of that in our lineup. No, not every player has to play like this but SOME do. We are missing this dimension and it hurts us.

As for the backend... same thing. With Emelin and Murray out right now we are esp soft back there.

You can show puck possession all you want and chances all you want. Without this dimension in your lineup you aren't going to win cups.
If we added any top 6 forward and hof dman we'd be instant contenders, I'd prefer lidstrom over pronger though

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