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11-25-2006, 12:39 PM
Bill McNeal
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Originally Posted by steelcityhab View Post
CBC is also showing the game, unless u live in leafs region then u get leafs game.
but i get cbc montreal so i get to see them stil
Hmm... Very tempting to watch it on CBC but I'm a superstitious bloke and RDS has been treating me well. I'll give it a shot and hope I don't piss off the hockey gods.

Speaking of superstition, I am very convinced that wearing my white Habs vintage jersey is good luck at the moment. It all started way back at the beginning of the season, our first game against the Leafs. I was watching it at my friend's house, and the Habs were down so he decided we needed to tip the scales in our favour so he passed out his jerseys and I wore the vintage one. Habs come back and win it in the shootout.

I had gone a while w/o wearing any jersey until I went to my first game of the season against NJ. I decided to wear my red jersey, so I'd be in synch with the boys on the ice. Unfortunately, they were actually wearing their vintage jerseys that night! Of course, we lost 2-1. I wore my red jersey a couple more times while watching at home, resulting in losses.

Finally, I went to the game against Atlanta last Saturday. I decided to buck the trend and wore my vintage. They won, and so I decided to try it again against Minnesota. They won. Yesterday, I decided "Maybe it's white at home and red on the road that works for me." So I started the game off with my red jersey, only to find les glorieux down by 1 after two. I switched to my white, and soon after Koivu ties it up. You all know the rest.

So tonight, I will wear it again. It is clearly part of some grand cosmic design. Or maybe it's just the fact that I don't think I've ever washed my red jersey...

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