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01-15-2004, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Habber
I don’t think we’re underrating our players at all. I think we’re being realistic and looking at the long term instead of the short term. The way you’re talking you seem to think the team has peaked and there’s no need for improvements. When we are critical of players like Dags, we realize that for this team to get better and to contend for Cups, players in certain positions are going to have to be upgraded.

Dags has been scoring for us, but not by any stretch of the imagination is he a guy that’s going to take us to the Cup. He’s may be a decent 2nd liner for a team squeaking into the playoffs, but would not have a spot on a contending team. Same with Quintal.
What if, by any chance, Daganais hasn't peaked at 25 years old, and is still improving? Would that not upgrade that position on our club? The guys on the farm have not proved any thing at the NHL level, how do we know that Balej will ever be able to score on NHL goalies?. He has good stats at the ahl, but Gratton's are lots better, and no one has ever confused him with an elete NHL scorer. Perizhogin hasn't done anything anywhere yet. Daganais has one of the best shots that a canadiens forward has had for a long time, and he has scoring instincts too. Daganais is exactly the type of player a contending team needs, someone that can finish off what the rest of the team started. Sure he doesn't hit, but that doesn't mean he doesn't try. He is just terrible at it. He's not gritty, others are. Would he be usless on a bad team? No doubt. Is he usfull on this team? For sure. If he continues to improve his game, around that shot of his, we can potentually have a pretty good 1st line goal scorer on our hands.
I'm not saying I particularly like this type of player (big soft, offensive), but they do serve a purpose, because if no one can score, the team will loose a lot of games that they should have won.

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