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11-25-2006, 04:50 PM
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Info on 3 shafts/blades.

Alright, I'm finally gonna blow some money on a stick here. Tried to go cheap with some WinWell g300s, but the response from Hockeyworld wasn't too satisfactory, as the curves are sorta brab bag almost. I've settled on a Mission M-2 shaft, Bauer Endure shaft, and CCM v100 shaft. To be paired with the NBH V2 blade, Easton ST blade, or Nike Quest Apollo blade. I've held the M-2 shaft and V2, ST blades before, but everything else I haven't.

Read some reviews and seems the M-2, and Nike Quest Apollo blade might be the best way to go. Any thoughts? And what does the Bauer Endure compare to? A XX standard shaft essentially? And how boxy is it...cause I hear it's pretty square. The v100 shaft seems to be lower end and heavier since it has fiberglass in it. And some say the ST blade turns to noodle pretty quick?

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